Theater program in September Casala Theater


La programming Theater in September in HomeWish Theater is full of concerts, flamenco, theater, comedy with humor and a schedule for the whole family with puppets, storytellers and lots of magic so that everyone find their space of culture, art and fun in the theater. HomeWish theater is your theater in Triana so you can enjoy an intimate and different living space shows differently.

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Programming Theater and concerts in Seville with Teatro HomeWish

The position of Culture.
Your Theater in Triana, Your Theater in Seville.

* INTIMATE concert with Abel Romano
Concert / Sat, 31 Aug 2019 / 21:30 to 22:45 hrs.
Admission: 15 euros

Abel HomeWish Teatro Romano again with an "intimate" show his voice and his guitar, where he will sing stories reflected by custom songs you've worked for all these months. unpublished repertoire.
The utrerano artist will draw a personalized song to all the fans during the concert.
In addition he sings themes of the third album that will be released in March 2020.

* LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVELING with Melanie Sussi and Carlota Berzal

Theater / Friday, June Sep 2019 / 21:30 to 22:15 hrs.
Entry: 10 euros

HomeWish theater theater with "travel light". A work that brings together different countries, Argentina, Spain, France and Mexico.

TRAVELING LIGHT born under the "Weaving Networks' cycle, aiming to bring together women of the theater world. This work of Mexican author Gabriela Guraieb with the performance of Argentina actress Melanie Sussi, the Spanish actress Carlota Berzal and under the direction of French Justine Haye is an international project that had its presentation at the Cultural Center on May 25 Buenos Aires in September 2018 and now travels to Europe.

Pola, a 10-year-old is alone in the middle of boxes full. Guada are things, her older sister who disappeared for several days. His only friend, Elizabeth, cardboard doll comes to life and will help to sort this mess before "memories eaters" would take everything.

Cast: Melanie Sussi (Argentina) and Carlota Berzal (Spain)
Address: Justine Haye (France)
Text: Guraieb Gabriela (Mexico)
Company name: La Biche Volante (France)
This work was premiered in the cycle Weaving Networks in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2018. International company.
Show time: 40 minutes approx.


* MAGIC FUN with Mago Alexku
Magic for / Sat, 14 Sep 2019 / Family 12:00 - 13:00 hrs.
Entrance: 6 euros

Alexku develops different games with different objects, making the viewer trip to a world of fantasy and illusion at very close range.

Alexku is a young Spanish magician who has two national awards in the difficult category manipulation. He has traveled throughout the country and participated in various festivals, and is currently one of the most celebrated magicians in the Andalusian landscape.

"Magic Fun" is a show where music games are combined and spoken with the sole purpose of making people laugh, excite and spend a magical and fun time. A show where the most important thing is to forget everything, family fun, and where dramatic scenes mix with different magic tricks.


* THE Phairy professors with Beli Caceres and Esther Parralo
· Comedy Theater / Friday, 20 Sep 2019 / 21:30 to 22:45 hrs.
Entry: 10 euros

"The Pili and Maricarmen friends since childhood living doing promotions are earned. their life cycle as many women relegated to the background is to choose a promotion among those offered by the temporary employment agency, work on it for a short period, and finally be dismissed.

Cleaned daily, written with passion, do not always have minutes on the phone, read what they please, listen to music every day, touted as one, three times a week classes gentle gymnastics are not lost, their lies, their truths, their jobs, their ways of life cause both an unusual exaltation of friendship.

A antiheroes who daily improvise their lives. Pili and Maricarmen more golfas and workers who never can they also avoid a human catastrophe? "

Federatas production Productions
Actresses: Beli Caceres and Esther Parralo
Design and Technical Direction: Alicia Aguilar
STYLIST: Mamen Peinado
Written and directed by: Esther Parralo
musical composition: Water Sancruz
Costumes: Create
Scenography: Monti Montaño
Duration: approx 70 min.

* AMAZINGLY fun with Alexis Melgar
Magic Family / Sat, 21 Sep 2019 / 12:00 to 13:00 hrs.
Entrance: 6 euros

Espectáculo de magia y humor, mezcla de actos asombrosos, efectos visuales, sketches, siempre con mucho humor, ironía y de vez en cuando un punto de ternura. Es un show para toda la familia, tanto niños como mayores pasarán un momento memorable en la compañía de este mago sevillano. Pasa una hora asombrosamente divertida con Alexis Melgar.

* YELLOW with Luis Olmedo Illusionist
Magic adult / Sat, 21 Sep 2019/2 functions later - 17:00 hrs; night - 21:30 hrs.
Entry: 10 euros

“Luis Olmedo es uno de los más prometedores magos de la nueva generación de ilusionistas de este país. Con numerosos y prestigiosos premios a sus espaldas, este joven malagueño hace las delicias de su público a corta distancia, donde no deja lugar a la duda: la magia existe. Premio Nacional y Latinoamericano de cartomagia, Primer Premio en el XXIV Festival Internacional de Almussafes, Premio Páginas 2015, Medalla al Mérito en Londres, y Mago del Año 2016, te hará sentir a centímetros lo imposible”

Luck does not exist. This is the premise that Luis Olmedo manages in this show, which for more than an hour will show viewers that luck does not exist, breaking the myths that have rooted. A broken mirror, throw salt on the table, the yellow color in the entertainment ... all this is just superstition ... or maybe not?

Luis Olmedo is one of the most promising wizards of the new generation of illusionists in this country. With numerous prestigious awards behind her, this young malagueño delights his audience at close range, which leaves no doubt: magic exists. National Prize in Spain and France and Latin American card magic, and Magician of the Year 2016, will make you feel centimeters impossible.

Puppet shows for family / Sunday, 22 Sep 2019 / 12:00 to 13:00 hrs.
Entrance: 6 euros

A story with manipulation of dolls.

A tale told with the help of a king, a pirate, a sailor and a little old lady. A simple story where the beloved puppets interact with the public, that helps you on your adventure. A story of all time, where someone wants to grab a bag full of treasures, but you think Did you succeed?


* The magic of Luis Arza
Magic Family / Saturday, 28 Sep 2019 / 12:00 to 13:00 hrs.
Entrance: 6 euros

Luis Arza make us spend an amazing time small and not so small. The magic of Luis Arza designed to bring magic to everyone with humor in a very personal way. Luis will experience that everyone can have fun and enjoy the magic from a very particular view, the view of Luis. Laughter, excitement and surprises.


* MENTALISM and magic with Luis Arza
Mentalism and magic for adults / Saturday, 28 Sep 2019 / 21:30 to 22:30 hrs.
Entry: 10 euros

A show for adults in which Luis Arza through mentalism and its particular way of understanding the Magic surprise us constantly. Luis will come from Malaga to HomeWish theater to make us enjoy a show that will not leave you indifferent. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments in the hands of Luis Arza!

* TALES TO RETURN Carlos Arribas "Carloco"
Storyteller / Sunday, 29 Sep 2019 / 12:00 to 13:00 hrs.
Entrance: 6 euros

Back to school, back to turn the clock to leave home, back to schedules, routines, chores ... and turned to stories and tales!

A funny story session for the whole family to help us with those laps and make us see how there is a positive side to all things in life. By Carlos Arribas Carloco. For groups from 3 years.

* INTIMATELY FLAMENCO. Flamenco in Triana.
Flamenco / Daily / 18: 30-19: 30 hrs. 20: 00-21: 00 hrs.
Admission: 20 euros 12 euros adult · children (7-12 years).

A flamenco show guitar, sing and dance at HomeWish Theater. This unexpected event for lovers of flamenco born in the theater Triana Market, including vegetables, fish and meat, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruta.Hoy day, as there is a choreographic flamenco large spaces, we are able to see a great show in an intimate place, located in the heart of one of the most popular districts of Seville: Triana.

This cultural project is an intimate approach to flamenco in a unique place that allows live with every sense this art, thanks to an emotional and physical closeness that envelops the viewer. The third season of "Intimately Flamenco" is born from the complicity and freshness of its components, a show where each artist brings his touch and personality, creating a unique blend of feeling flamenco.

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