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La programación de Teatro en mayo en CasaLa Teatro viene llena de conciertos, teatro, comedia con mucho humor para que todos y todas encuentren sus espacio de cultura, arte y diversión en el Teatro. CasaLa Teatro es tu teatro en Triana para que puedas disfrutar de un espacio íntimo y diferente para vivir los espectáculos de forma diferente. El Flamenco en Sevilla se apodera del mes de Mayo en CasaLa Teatro.

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Programming Theater and concerts in Seville with Teatro HomeWish

* // * UANSAPONATAIM with Dani García
Theatre – Comedia / viernes 17 de mayo / 21:30 hrs.

Who said that Snow White was good and sweet or Peter Pan was green and was flying or children are good and obedient or governesses do not take anxiolytics and sing great? "Uansaponataim" shatters the myths children through four characters who tell us their particular vision of the story and life. All with humor, love, affection and of course, more than one song.

A queen who is not willing to that people consider bad, a hero who is more than flesh and blood Madrid stew, a governess with an ideology and a more select methods and a child's neighborhood that slingshot yesteryear.

"Uansaponataim" ... was once a funny story, acid where we will be happy without killing partridges.

Artist: Dani García
Management and author of the book: Dani García
Genre: Theater
Audience: Adult
Show time: 70 min


* // * MAGIC AND COMEDY Raul Lepe

Magia para la familia / Sábado 25 de mayo / 12:00 hrs.
Magic-Comic is a magic show and comedy for young and old to enjoy. A show that will astound you!

Comedy Magic and illusionism is a show of 50 minutes.

The title of this show is perfect because it describes exactly what we are going to see: magic numbers with large doses of comedy. Throughout the show, Raul Lepe surprises us with magical effects of strong impact but through laughter. In line shows emblematic magicians like Juan Tamariz, Pepe Carrol, Mag Lari, David Williamson, Mac King, etc.… Fun, entertaining, surprising and magical.

Magic and Comedy commitment stage magic: numbers with cards, ropes, bottles, rings even a number of escapism… All creating a magical atmosphere thanks to the script, music and, most importantly, audience participation, because "Magic and Comedy" is, above all, an interactive show where the audience is part of the show, both on stage and from their seats, still a fun experience for everyone.

Magic and fun for all ages!


* // * ME DESPERTÉ con Jorge Luque

Theatre – comedia / Sábado 25 de Mayo / 21:30 hrs.
2 Pases – 21:30 – 22:00

Un hombre despierta con dolor de cabeza. Y ganas de mear. Y se siente mal. Y tiene miedo de ir al médico. Y se asusta. Y entra en pánico. Y sale a la calle. Y recorre el mundo, recién despertado y con dolor de cabeza.

Autoría: Federico Tarántola
Interpretación: Jorge Luque
Dirección: Carlota Berzal
Duración: 25 minutos aprox.


ÍNTIMAMENTE FLAMENCO. Espectáculo Flamenco en Triana.
Flamenco / Daily / 18: 30-19: 30 hrs. 20: 00-21: 00 hrs.

A flamenco show guitar, sing and dance at HomeWish Theater. This unexpected event for lovers of flamenco born in the theater Triana Market, including vegetables, fish and meat, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruta.Hoy day, as there is a choreographic flamenco large spaces, we are able to see a great show in an intimate place, located in the heart of one of the most popular districts of Seville: Triana.

This cultural project is an intimate approach to flamenco in a unique place that allows live with every sense this art, thanks to an emotional and physical closeness that envelops the viewer. The third season of "Intimately Flamenco" is born from the complicity and freshness of its components, a show where each artist brings his touch and personality, creating a unique blend of feeling flamenco.




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