Programming theater in April Casale Theater


La programación de Teatro en abril en CasaLa Teatro viene llena de conciertos, teatro, comedia con mucho humor so that everyone find their space of culture, art and fun in the theater. HomeWish theater is your theater in Triana so you can enjoy an intimate and different living space shows differently.

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Programming Theater and concerts in Seville with Teatro HomeWish


* // * JULIÁN MARCHANTE en concierto
Concierto / viernes 5 de abril / 21:30 hrs.

The Uruguayan singer-songwriter Julian Marchante is presented for the first time in Seville

Julian Marchante (Montevideo / Uruguay / 1987). Today, it has four albums released, “The house plants and time” (with the group “The Roques” / 2008 / MMG), “Half” (2011 / independent) “Heaven for assault” (2012 / independent) and “body outside” (2015 / independent). He has shared the stage with artists like Manu Chao, La Triple Nelson, Four weights Gratuities and Sergio Dawi, among others. From 2010 to 2013 he lived mainly in Spain. Today he lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


* // * VINTAGE GIRL DUET concert
Concierto / viernes 6 de abril / 21:30 hrs.

Lorenzo y Belén se encontraron un día. El le tocó la guitarra y ella se puso a cantar. Cuatro años después crearon la banda Niña Vintage, con la que llevan actuando en la escena musical madrileña desde 2011 y este año han editado su primer disco, Take this Train.

Con el espíritu de sus acústicos de The Zahora Sessions, se presentan en Casala Teatro en su formato más esencial. En una noche íntima, interpretarán a dúo las canciones de Take this Train y sus particulares versiones, con las que nos harán viajar del pop al jazz, del folk americano a las raíces hispanas y del inglés al español.

* // * FLAMENCO & BLUES with Cristian de Moret & Gautama del Campo
Concierto Flamenco y Blues / viernes 12 de abril / 21:30 hrs.

These two connoisseurs of flamenco and jazz artists interact to create a mixed radix musical show with folk poetry, influenced by blues, rock and other genres electrical called “Simbiosis´´.


* // * THIRTY KNOTS Ro Trejo in concert
Concierto / viernes 12 de abril / 23:00 hrs.

ro Trejo, artista andaluza de raíces globalizadas, presenta su nuevo álbum "Thirty Knots" en formato trío junto a Julia Ruano Y Adrián Suárez.

Este concierto está enmarcado en el Treinta Nudos Tour, donde ha presentado las canciones del disco por varios puntos del país como Madrid, Huelva, Granada, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Málaga o Córdoba.

Bajo el título de "Thirty Knots", Ro Trejo lanza en otoño de 2018 su nuevo disco de estudio, una selección de 11 canciones y un bonus track con las que navegar. Autoproducido y grabado en R-Track Studio (Alicante) entre julio y septiembre de 2018, junto a Marcos Carabante (bajo eléctrico, producción técnica y mastering), Ramón Mira (guitarra eléctrica y teclado), Julia Ruano (flauta y voces), Carlos Martínez (batería y percusión) y Enrique Del Río (cello). Toda su música está licenciada bajo licencias creative commons.

ro Trejo, cuenta recorridos emocionales mezclando líneas melódicas que guiñan el ojo al jazz, la bossa nova, el pop indie, el funk, el soul o el flamenco. Voz y texturas que recrean paisajes interiores y exteriores llenos de luces, nudos e ideas para sumergirse en fragmentos de sensibilidad. Una mezcla sutil, con la que abrir la ventana y llenar los pulmones. Una compositora con la que tirar del hilo en cada melodía. Y es que, tras su guitarra, con los ojos cerrados, te muestra que no todo es blanco o negro, y con quien comprendes que cualquier gama guarda un nudo, un secreto, encerrado en forma de canción.

Ro Trejo, guitarra y voz.
Julia Ruano, flauta y voz.
Adrián Suárez, pequeña percusión y bajo

* // * LA MADRE DE HITLER con Alberto Cortés y Omar Janaan
Theatre – Comedia / sábado 13 de abril / 21:30 hrs.


Hitler's mother is neither theater nor dance and poetry, is a stage work supported by a selection of texts read into a microphone. The texts are self-authored, signed independently by Omar Janaan and Alberto Cortés.

Any text that is read has nothing to do with the other. The texts include the main axis of the show. Each time the content changes are made. Hitler's mother is a relief project, experimentation, fun and survival of Alberto Cortez and Omar Janaan.


Theatre – comedia / Viernes 26 de Abril / 21:30 hrs.
2 passes – 21:30 – 22:00 hrs.

Seville. An altar. A hope. Two virgins trasnochadas willing to break past 100 years. Fashion, technology and finishing touches in surgery, awaken your deepest passions. Andalusian tradition is about to change.

A hilarious comedy not stop laughing!

AUTHOR: Daniel Sieteiglesias
COMPANY: Frotalámparas
PERFORMERS: Marta González, Carmen Boza.



* // * UANSAPONATAIM with Dani García
Theatre – Comedia / sábado 27 de abril / 21:30 hrs.


Who said that Snow White was good and sweet or Peter Pan was green and was flying or children are good and obedient or governesses do not take anxiolytics and sing great? "Uansaponataim" shatters the myths children through four characters who tell us their particular vision of the story and life. All with humor, love, affection and of course, more than one song.


A queen who is not willing to that people consider bad, a hero who is more than flesh and blood Madrid stew, a governess with an ideology and a more select methods and a child's neighborhood that slingshot yesteryear.


"Uansaponataim" ... was once a funny story, acid where we will be happy without killing partridges.


Artist: Dani García
Management and author of the book: Dani García
Genre: Theater
Audience: Adult
Show time: 70 min



INTIMATELY FLAMENCO. Flamenco in Triana.
Flamenco / Daily / 18: 30- 19:30 hrs. 20: 00-21: 00 hrs.

A flamenco show guitar, sing and dance at HomeWish Theater. This unexpected event for lovers of flamenco born in the theater Triana Market, including vegetables, fish and meat, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruta.Hoy day, as there is a choreographic flamenco large spaces, we are able to see a great show in an intimate place, located in the heart of one of the most popular districts of Seville: Triana.

This cultural project is an intimate approach to flamenco in a unique place that allows live with every sense this art, thanks to an emotional and physical closeness that envelops the viewer. The third season of "Intimately Flamenco" is born from the complicity and freshness of its components, a show where each artist brings his touch and personality, creating a unique blend of feeling flamenco.




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