"Once upon a time some old chairs ..."

They had belonged to the stalls of the Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla, then the auditorium of a school and when they finally were going to be thrown away, fell to Fernando Rodalva, sculptor and visionary, who decided alargarles the locating them living on the roof your home.

It was the beginning of what would CasaLa TrianaA full multidisciplinary art space where Fernando and Sarah, his wife, organized lectures, workshops, films, theater and a host of activities articulated the cultural life of the popular neighborhood.

The success of the initiative Fernando encouraged to go one step further, throwing to ride a theater, but use a different theater room, in a different environment, that endowing a close and unique originality. Two positions on a food market, the work of their hands and industrial quantities of illusion did the rest.

Among vegetables, fish and meat, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruit, born on May 18, 2012, the CasaLa Theater of the Triana market. Stage three meters and 28 seats -again recycled, again from a former theater- are sufficient to accommodate a range of shows space whose common denominator is quality and reasonable prices.

"A great theater, but in miniature"

Reduced capacity but cozy; limited, but nearby stage; size of the Casala Teatro They are ideal to enjoy the pleasures of a large theater in a small format.

The charm of the room makes it a privileged meeting place for public and artists and an excellent opportunity to bring music, cinema, theater and magic to our daily lives, transcending the typical boundary between the stalls and tables .