THE CABARET Sirens with Dani García

Saturday, 29 Feb 2020

21:30 – 22:45

THE CABARET Sirens with Dani García
Saturday 8 and 29 February at 21:30 hrs in HomeWish Theater.

He Cabaret Sirens It is the fifth original show written, directed and performed by actor Dani García. It is, however, his first job more personal. Unlike his previous shows in Cabaret Sirens does not use the mask but the two main characters are his own antithesis. On the one hand sadness, past and not what has been done and on the other the joy, the future and the light of our best.

Todo el texto, incluidas las canciones están escritas por Dani García. El drama (brevemente), el humor (mayoritariamente), la alegría, el amor, la ternura y la reivindicación nos llevan a un viaje absolutamente personal donde su protagonista pone toda su creatividad al servicio del espectáculo. Por primera vez en su proceso de creación Dani García recurre a profesionales para complementar este espectáculo en todos los ámbitos, salvo en el guión.

He Cabaret Sirens It is a show created for a traveling audience hand the protagonist in first person and accompanies him at all times. Music, sarcasm, comedy, feminism, couplet, indie, drama, pop, capitalism, animalism, folklore, sadness, love, desire. All these elements consists Cabaret SirensA trip to the bottom of its creator.

Event Location

HomeWish Theater Altozano Square s / n, Triana market, posts 11 and 12
Sevilla, 41010

Event Fees

EUR 12.00