Magic Al Martin

Saturday, 8 Feb 2020

12:00 – 13:00

The magic of Al Martin es un espectáculo familiar, para todos los públicos, dinámico y participativo que está lleno de ilusión, sorpresas y buen humor. La diversión está garantizada.

A Martin is a magician of our land who made a driving blind in the past Festival of Magic. He was awarded as one of the best in Andalusia in 2016. Christmas has appeared in campaigns for the City which came illuminating the streets of the city. In addition to intervene in a German feature film, had a television program on a local station and has appeared in numerous other radio and TV programs where he predicted, for example, the result of Spain in the last World Cup.

Event Location

HomeWish Theater, HomeWish Theater Square hillock S / N. Triana market, positions 11-12
Sevilla, 41010

Event Fees