Saturday, 5 Oct 2019

12:00 – 13:00

Magic-Comic is a magic show y comedia para disfrutar pequeños y mayores. ¡Un espectáculo que te asombrará!

Comedy Magic and illusionism is a show of 50 minutes.

The title of this show is perfect because it describes exactly what we are going to see: magic numbers with large doses of comedy. Throughout the show, Raul Lepe surprises us with magical effects of strong impact but through laughter. In line shows emblematic magicians like Juan Tamariz, Pepe Carrol, Mag Lari, David Williamson, Mac King, etc.… Fun, entertaining, surprising and magical.

Magic and Comedy commitment stage magic: numbers with cards, ropes, bottles, rings even a number of escapism… All creating a magical atmosphere thanks to the script, music and, most importantly, audience participation, because "Magic and Comedy" is, above all, an interactive show where the audience is part of the show, both on stage and from their seats, still a fun experience for everyone.

Magic and fun for all ages!

Event Location

HomeWish Theater Altozano Square s / n, Triana market, posts 11 and 12
Sevilla, 41010

Event Fees

EUR 6.00