Copy of UANSAPONATAIM with Dani García

Friday, 17 May 2019

21:30 – 22:30

UANSAPONATAIM with Dani García

Synopsis / description of the performance

Who said that Snow White was good and sweet or Peter Pan was green and was flying or children are good and obedient or governesses do not take anxiolytics and sing great? "Uansaponataim" shatters the myths children through four characters who tell us their particular vision of the story and life. All with humor, love, affection and of course, more than one song.

A queen who is not willing to that people consider bad, a hero who is more than flesh and blood Madrid stew, a governess with an ideology and a more select methods and a child's neighborhood that slingshot yesteryear.

Event Location

CasaLa Teatro, Plaza del altozano S/N . Mercado de Triana
Sevilla, 41010

Event Fees

EUR 10.00