CasaLa Theatre in “Stories of Light”

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CasaLa Theater in the Mercado de Triana.

Among products of the land and the sea, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruit, born in May 2012 CasaLa Theater at Market of Triana.

It is probably the smallest theater in the world, with only 28 seats and 6 square meters of scenery, make this area a very unique place that certainly gains even greater interest in such a privileged enclave in which it is located, as is the food market, in the heart of Triana.

Casala Theater dimensions are ideal to enjoy the pleasures of the theater in an intimate format. Its limited capacity, a cozy space and the stage so close, make the room unique meeting place for public and artists. It gives us an excellent opportunity to approach the world of theater, music, dance, flamenco or magic; living sensations never before experienced in a theater.

Apart from the programming, CasaLa Theater is the setting for many other activities. Conferences, screenings, book presentations, exhibitions, film or castings, are just some of the events that can be performed in CasaLa

Success, whatever the format, is assured because the charm of daily life market itself, offering entertainment and dining it offers adds, ideal complement and exceptional setting for any type of event.

Welcome to CasaLa Theater!

CasaLa Theater, the role of culture in the Mercado de Triana.