A flamenco show daily high quality in an intimate place, located in the heart of one of the most popular districts of Seville: Triana. This is a cultural proposal intimate approach to flamencoIn a unique place that allows live with every sense this art, thanks to an emotional and physical closeness that envelops the viewer. "Intimately Flamenco" is born from the complicity and freshness of its components, a show where each artist brings his touch and personality, creating a unique blend of feeling flamenco. ¡Flamenco in Triana every day in HomeWish Theater!

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TRIANA FLAMENCO SHOW. Flamenco in Triana.
Friday, 21 Feb 2020
¡Un espectáculo FLAMENCO en Sevilla TODOS LOS DÍAS en CasaLa Teatro! 18:30 y 20:00 hrs. Esta cita inespera...
THE CABARET Sirens with Dani García
Saturday, 8 Feb 2020
EL CABARET DE LAS SIRENAS con Dani García Sábado 8 y 29 de Febrero a las 21:30 hrs en CasaLa Teatro.El...
Friday, 21 Feb 2020
CONCIERTO ÍNTIMO de Domingo MárquezAntes de su paso por telecinco con Enma Suarez, Domingo Márquez dar...
Saturday, 22 Feb 2020
MAGIA Y COMEDIA con Raúl LepeMagic-Comic es un espectáculo de Magia y comedia para disfrutar pequeños ...
Magic and humor with MagicSamk
Saturday, 22 Feb 2020
MAGIA y HUMOR con MagicSamk La guasa hecha carne. No nos hacemos responsables por la peligrosidad que supone ...
LUCK, Superstitions and other bad decisions MagicSamk
Saturday, 22 Feb 2020
SUERTE, SUPERSTICIONES Y OTRAS MALAS DECISIONES con MagicSamkA MagicSamk se la “suda” la suerte, y e...
MACARENA AND DEW II, he returned with Marta González and Boza Moriana
Sunday, 23 Feb 2020
MACARENA Y ROCÍO II, EL REGRESO con Marta González y Boza Moriana Llega la segunda parte de MACARENA y ROC...
AMAZINGLY fun with Alexis Melgar
Sunday, 23 Feb 2020
ASOMBROSAMENTE DIVERTIDO con Alexis Melgar Espectáculo de magia y humor, mezcla de actos asombrosos, efectos...
MAGIC FUN with Mago Alexku
Saturday, 29 Feb 2020
DIVERSIÓN MÁGICA con Mago AlexkuAlexku va desarrollando diferentes juegos con diferentes objetos, hacie...
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CasaLa Theater It is probably the smallest theater in the world, with only 28 seats and 6 square meters of scenery, make this area a very unique place that certainly gains even greater interest in the enclave as privileged in which it is located , as is the food market in the heart of the district of Triana…

Among products of the land and the sea, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruit, born in May 2012 CasaLa Theater at Market of Triana.Las dimensiones de CasaLa Teatro son ideales para disfrutar de los placeres del teatro en un formato íntimo. Su aforo reducido, un espacio acogedor y el escenario tan cercano, hacen de la sala un lugar de encuentro único para público y artistas. It gives us an excellent opportunity to approach the world of theater, music, dance, flamenco or magic; living sensations never before experienced in a theater.Success, whatever the format, is assured because the charm of daily life market itself, the leisure and restoration adds it offers ideal complement and exceptional setting for any type of event.

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In CasaLa Theater We are open to proposals within our scope of our activities and programming. Apart from the programming, HomeWish Theater is the setting for many other activities. Conferences, screenings, book presentations, exhibitions, film or castings, are just some of the events that can be performed in HomeWish. If you want to send us your proposal you just have to fill in the form 😉
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HomeWish Theater has been a beneficiary of the ESF, which aims to promote sustainability and job quality, and thanks to who carried out the recruitment of young beneficiaries of the National Youth Guarantee, to support the reduction in the rate of youth unemployment in Spain through the promotion of recruitment (contract date). For it has been supported by the "Training Plan - ECIP." Chamber of Commerce of Seville "